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Antioxidant Anti-aging Cream
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Antioxidant Anti-aging Cream

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This is best used as a night cream for mature skin but can also be used for day use.  It's rich in high quality organic antioxidants that are easily recognized and utilized by the skin.

This balm uses olive and jojoba oils to feed the skin, esther C to build collagen, vitamins E and A to protect it from environmental damage and assist in cell renewal and essential oil of Lavender also known for its skin friendliness. All of these working together are a great force in reducing the aging process of the skin.

A composite of potent organic skin-friendly ingredients make this balm a highly effective treatment for mature skin. I've been using this cream  as a night cream and my dermatologist has noticed that the pre-cancer skin cells on my face have been disappearing. She was very impressed. I've found this product to be very healing.

It can also be used for baby rashes and has been known to work effectively on poison oak and poison ivy.


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