Skin Cancer Anyone?

I have fair Irish skin and spent a good deal of my youth trying to get  a fabulous tan.  I spent a tremendous amount of time lying in the sun in my bikini using iodine mixed with baby oil (supposed to tan your skin no matter what).

Well it worked. I got the tan I desired but paid a tremendous price for it.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with melanoma. Luckily it was caught in time and I had surgery which removed it.

However, it shook me to the core and I started reading everything I could get my hands on about skin cancer (and also started monitoring my sun exposure).

What I found I out shocked and alarmed me. The sun is not the major cause of skin cancer. It's the over-exposure to it that's the culprit. In fact the vitamin D that the sun gives our bodies is a major preventative to cancer and we desperately need it. The Sunscreen companies are promulgating the myth that the sun is harmful to sell more and more of their products which ,in fact, contain cancer causing ingredients like oxybenzone.

There is a great book on the market called NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE...The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry by Stacy Malkan. What an eye-opener that book is! I recommend that everyone get a copy. It not only enlightens you about the true causes of skin cancer but informs you of all of the toxins and cancer causing chemicals that are hiding in just about everything we put on or in our bodies.

Did you know that there is lead in lipstick? dioxane in baby soap? coal tar in shampoo?
The $35 billion cosmetic industry is so powerful that they have kept themselves unregulated for decades and all of this information secret. Well you can't sweep things under the carpet forever. After a while you begin to notice the bulges.
With the rise in breat cancer and the  deaths resulting from it, women especially, are beginning to educate themselves. Although the major multinational companies are fighting for the right to use hazardous chemicals in their products, small entrepreneurs are building businesses around health, truth and justice.
I am one of them.

I'm very proud of my website and the products that I sell. I've researched them all to make sure that they meet my standards.
After using these products myself I haven't had any subsequent problems with skin cancer. In fact the precancerous cells that my dermatologist found on my face a few years ago have all but disappeared (to her astonishment).

The only way to beat these giant companies that are poisoning us every day is to educate ourselves and stop buying their products. There are many quality alternatives on the market. We simply have to look.

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