Beauty Tips for 2012 that Don't Cost Anything

Here are a few ways to improve your looks in the New Year.

AND they cost nothing but your time and energy.



  • For healthy skin use only gentle products free of harsh chemicals and acids.
  • Change your diet to an anti-inflammatory one ...no sugars, white flour, white potatoes, or fruit juices that have a high sugar content. Avoid soda like the plague, and drink lots and lots of good mountain spring water.
  • Get your beauty sleep.                                                                                          According to a study performed by Swedish researchers, a good night's sleep is one of the most effective treatments you can have. While you sleep the body is busy repairing itself on a cellular level. This will help you to look younger. Aim for eight hours of sleep.
  • Take a warm shower.                                                                                                       Turn the temperature down just a little. You'll notice right away that your skin has more moisture. With that in mind, rinse your hair in cool water. It will be stronger and shinier.
  • Wash  your face before bedtime.                                                                                       Sometimes at night we're so tired we don't want to take the time to cleanse our skin. By skipping this important procedure we're doing harm. Not only does washing our face give us a fresh feeling, it also removes dirt and bacteria especially if we have worn makeup. Make sure you use a good facial cleanser and not commercial soap which is very drying because of all the chemicals it contains.
  • Floss your teeth before you go to bed.                                                                               This will keep bacteria out of your mouth all night. I also recommend a good water pick with warm salt water. If you keep your mouth pristine clean you might be putting dentists out of business. The mouth has the ability to regenerate itself if it's kept clean.
  • Do your own manicures and pedicures.                                                                        Save a lot of money and time. You can also commit to moisturizing your feet daily to help stop your heels from cracking.









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written by E. Champagne , January 04, 2012
Love the beauty tips; I need to wash my face at night ..so thanks!
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