Go "au naturel" and be Happy

"Au naturel" is the best way to feel good and stay healthy.

Who doesn't want that?

The dictionary defines "au naturel" as "naked, nude, the natural state, cooked plainly".

Which one am I referring to?

Of course I'm talking about all natural health and beauty products. (You knew that.)

In a world where we are surrounded by toxic contaminants, we have no other choice but to seek out only the best natural skin and oral care products we can find if we want to stay away from doctors and out of hospitals.

Over the past fifty years our penchant for convenience and low prices for goods has been served well by corporate America. They have given us the best low cost chemical solutions their laboratories could produce. At this point in history we can safely say that we have the most pristine clean homes, the freshest breath ever, cosmetics that seem to enhance our  beauty.. but ...what is the real price we're paying?

Every single day of our lives we fall victim to toxic and  deadly poisons that we either inhale or rub on our bodies. The increasing number of deaths from cancer and related illnesses is proof that we are the victims of this chemical onslaught.

We have no choice. We must go "au naturel" to stay healthy.

I want to quote Mahatma Gandhi on this topic: "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." (smart man)

Anyone that has a major health crisis can attest to this. But do we want to wait for the crisis or do we want to prevent it from happening in the first place? The choice is ours.

After a bout with melanoma I threw away all of my popular-brand  cosmetics and made a big decision to stop putting chemicals on my skin and into my mouth. The more bouts of skin cancer!

I did a lot of research and am finally aware of most of the chemicals that are used in this totally unregulated cosmetic and health industry and I avoid them like the plague that they are.

I'm sure that there are new chemicals being discovered as I am writing this blog that will show up in our health and beauty products, but I promise to be on top of them. 

Get used to looking at ingredients on the back labels. You may not recognize a lot of the chemical names but alcohol is easy to spot. Why would we want to put that on our skin? Doesn't that dry it out? Of course it does but it's a cheap filler for the manufacturer.

I'm passionate about finding the BEST products on the market and passing them on to you. So keep watching here for the latest and best products for beauty and health.

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