Myth vs Fact

I want to sort out the truth of what you may have learned about caring for your body  from the myths that advertisers have led us to believe  in order to sell their products.

Let's look at Myth vs Fact.


Potential Toxins to Your Skin

Well, in my last blog I promised to tell you about toxic substances that are in skin care products.

Why, you may ask, would toxic substances be in these products....simple answer: because they're cheap, readily available and easy to dilute.

Now, realize that I'm not suggesting you'd intentionally apply toxins to your skin. You simply may not realize the extent to which many common skin care products contain suspect ingredients. They have unrecognizable or unpronounceable names.

Here are a few:


Keeping Skin Healthy

First of all if you're doing what I suggested in my previous blogs like eating more raw foods and drinking plenty of water, then you've probably already noticed a marked difference in your skin and over-all health.

And of course getting enough EXERCISE.

But beyond that, here's a critically important issue to be aware of...

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